If a pig were to lose his voice, would he be disgruntled?

Wouldn't you be?

1 March 1988
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A guy dies (because that's how all good jokes start) and his widow takes his body to a funeral parlor. She tells the funeral director that she wants her husband to be burried in a blue suit. "But wouldn't it be easier to bury him in the black suit he died in?" the funeral director asked. "No," the Widow said, "I want him to be burried in a blue suit." She gave him a blank check and told him to go out and buy a blue suit.
A few days later she came back for the funeral and she saw that her husband was wearing a beautiful blue suit. She thanked the funeral director and asked him how much it cost. "Well, it was funny," he said. "The day after you came in another widow came in with her dead husband, who was wearing this suit. I noticed that the two were about the same size, so I asked her if she would mind if he were burried in a black suit. She said it was fine. So I switched the heads."

I find this funny.
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